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Not bad, per say but definitely annoying service from Cingular!

So awhile back I got a text message from "Eve@Cingular" letting me know that for every text message she sent me I would be entered into a drawing to win $10,000 or something like that and did I want to get messages from her. I replied "YES" thinking, why not? And ended up only getting text messages like once or twice a month so it wasn't that big of a deal considering I didn't really use that feature too much to begin with. I got one today saying "Just to say thanks you'll get a free ringtone. Just jot down the code below and reply 'YES' for instructions!" I reply yes and jot down the number/letter code as I'm told. I get a quick reply with a link that I can open from my phone it tells me basically to choose a ringtone and then enter the code I was given. The ringtone is on her and only download charges will apply. Sounds good to me! I find a ringtone that I like and go to the area where I can enter a promotional code. I begin to enter the code but my phone automatically switches to numbers only. In other words, if you've ever sent a text message you know you can press a button on your phone to change from uppercase to lowercase or to numbers. However, when I'm entering the code it won't allow me to switch at all and only allows me to use numbers, which is a problem since the code has both letters AND numbers.

I decide to try out, register all my info and find that they have a tech support chat. Cool! I go in and submit my question. I explain to the rep that I'm having trouble inputting the code because my phone will not allow me to change from numbers back to letters. I also let him know that I know that the feature is working because I changed from uppercase to lowercase in order to search for the song and was able to do so without a problem. He decides it's best if I try and download the ringtone from my PC. Okay so I try that route and find the ringtone I like again, click "buy" and am brought to a page where I'm asked to choose my model phone. Only my phone isn't listed there. I check the "Compatible Phones" page on the FAQ and find that my model IS listed there and under "Media Net" (the page I'm at) and "Ringtones" there are checkmarks indicating that my phone is indeed compatible. So I go back to Tech Support. Rather than explain what went on I will just post the transcript.

Vivita: Hello! I was just in here a few minutes ago about a problem I was having with downloading a ringtone. I got a text message from Eve@Cingular who gave me a number/letter code to download a free ringtone. However, when I went to enter the code from my phone in the window that it requested it would not allow me to enter letters only numbers. I know how to change from uppercase to lowercase to numbers, however, it doesn't give me the option to change to letters at all. So I was told to try downloadi...
CHutch: To Vivita Sorry for the inconvenience!
Vivita: No biggie, did you get my whole message? It shows on my side like it's cut off...
CHutch: To Vivita As far as I'm aware we don't have codes for free ring tones, if you've had an issue downloading a ringtone please contact our customer service department and they can correct your issue for you.
CHutch: To Vivita They would be able to re-send the ringtone alert to your device.
Vivita: I still have the text message on my phone, it's from Eve@Cingular.
CHutch: To Vivita I would email her back then, I have no knowledge of a free ringtone code. Only she or customer care would have that information.
Vivita: I actually got it in the form of a text message so e-mail isn't really possible. They send messages from time to time and I feel that it's more of an "automated message" then an actual person. It tells you to reply "YES" for instructions on how to get the free ringtone and then gives a link to the cingular media net website.
Vivita: The last person I spoke to in this chat was aware of the codes and said he knew they had both numbers and letters.
CHutch: To Vivita Do you remember there screen name?
Vivita: EricB
CHutch: To Vivita Let me contact him, one moment please.
Vivita: Sure
CHutch: To Vivita Still trying to get in touch with him. Are you going to this link on a PC to download the ringtone?
CHutch: To Vivita
Vivita: That's not the exact link I was given last time but it's more or less the same page, yes.
CHutch: To Vivita Yep, use that site and it will accept letters and numbers and the code works there as well.
Vivita: The problem I'm having is that my model phone is not listed there. However under "Compatible Phones" my phone is listed and under 'Ringtones' and 'Media Net' there are checks next to both.
CHutch: To Vivita What device?
Vivita: Siemens S66
Vivita: It only lets me choose from C56, C61, S56 and SL56.
CHutch: To Vivita Ok, what ever ringtone that you're choosing isn't compatible with your device unfortunately. Have you tried another one?
Vivita: I've tried several. Polyphonic would not be compatible?
CHutch: To Vivita It definately should, I'm looking into that now
CHutch: To Vivita Sorry about that, we dont seem to have the compatible format in the database but let me check one more place.
Vivita: Okay.
CHutch: To Vivita I still can't find the specifications for that device on ringtones, unfortunately you will need to contact customer care for assistance with this issue.
Vivita: Okay, I'll do that. Thank you anyway!

So the guy was nice and all, yes, but my problem was how he kept assuming it was a different problem. "Oh you must not be choosing the right type of ringtone!" or "I'm not aware that Cingular gives codes for free ringtones". And also suggesting that I e-mail Eve@Cingular when I clearly said in the beginning that I got a text message from her!

At the end of it all I end up still having to speak to 'Customer Care' i.e. HELL, sitting on hold for 15 minutes while my battery dies. I just want the free ringtone that was promised to me and now it doesn't seem worth it to go through the headache. :(

EDIT: I should probably add that the first rep I spoke to in tech support wasn't all that helpful either. For about two minutes he kept asking if I had tried to press the "red CAPS key" or another key that doesn't exist at all on my phone. Even after telling him which key I normally push to change from caps to lowercase. He asked again if the model phone I had was S66 and I said yes. He then admitted that he was thinking of a different model. Not a big deal but still gives an idea of how frustrating the tech support chat can be. =/
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