Don't waste your time on me (blahblahblah18) wrote in bad_service,
Don't waste your time on me

Sonic = hell

(Note: I am not complaining about the waitress herself. It was quite obvious that she was swamped and I sympathise. I am more complaining about Sonic being stupid enough to only have 1 girl carhopping on such a busy night.)

Okay,so on tuesdays I go to my grammas with my mom and younger sister.
Nearby there is a Sonic, so we usually go there if theres nothing much at home to cook.
So, its about...I don't know, 6 PM? On a tuesday when we get hungry. So my mom, my neice, and I all get in the car and drive down to the Sonic.
We had to take about 10 minutes ot find a parking spot because it was so crowded.
Normally at Sonic (or mos tthat I've been to), It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to get your food, and I'm fine with that because I LOVE those brekafast burrito's, dammit. >.>
Anyways, we order a grilled chicken wrap for me, a kids meal with fries, two milkshakes, and some type of side dish for my mom (I can't remember. It was some kind of peppers with cheese and a crust?)
So we wait.
And wait.
And wait.
After awhile we'd waited a good 30 minutes, when FINALLY a girl come sout of the building and starts carhopping.
She wasn't even in uniform, which makes me suspect she'd probably just been called in.
She was waiting people who'd gottne there AFTER us, so my mom stuck rolled down her window and asked if they'd gotten my order and if so, why was it taking so long to get our food?
The girl apologised and said it was halfprice burger night (There was a small sign on the menu that she pointed out to us that clearly said tuesdays were halfprice burger nights.) and she was the only one carhopping.
So, it turns out they HADN'T gotten our order. So we ordered again.
About 20 or 30 minutes later, we get our food.
My moms food was cold, and my milkshake wasn't mixed up completely (There was ALOT of chocolate syrup at the bottom. T'was icky.)
So, a simple trip to Sonic takes an HOUR because they were stupid enough to have only ONE waiter working on a night that they KNEW was going to be busy.
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