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This happened like 9 months ago, but I just joined this community and figured I'd post it.

lil mexican restaurant in GA

So me and my boyfriend go to lunch with his buddy and his girlfriend the day before the guys were leaving for Iraq. We all order. I order a chicken quesadilla and a side salad. I was asked three different times what kind of dressing it was that I wanted during the course of the next 25 min. Yes, it took over 25 min for us to get our food when there was only two other groups in the restaurant since it was lunch time.

He brings out the food... everyone's but mine. Absolutely nothing for me. So I think he just has to go back and get it or something. A good 10 min goes by and we don't see anyone. Finally my boyfriend gets up and goes to gets him and he comes over and we ask where my food is. So he says, "oh yes, the salad, what kind of dressing was that again?" and for the FOURTH time I tell him italian. And I remind him about the chicken quesadilla.

He leaves and comes back with the salad 5 min later with RANCH dressing. I gave up on that... ranch was fine with me and I didn't feel like waiting another 40 min for a salad with italian dressing. So he leaves. We all look at each other wondering where my food was.

By this time, the rest of them are practically finished eating (and they were eating slow since they were gonna wait for my food to come out but I told them to go ahead cause I didn't want their food to get cold) the guy never comes back. My bf gets up again and goes and finds someone and tells her whats going on and she tells him that our server was gone, he went on lunch. wtf???? So we don't have anyone to serve us? He tells her he wants my food out there NOW and that this is ridiculous. So she goes back to the kitchen and brings out my quesadilla a few minutes later.

I start eating... and get a nice sized BONE in the chicken. Sharp, hard BONE. By this time we're already thinking, ok NO tip (and we always tip really good, but COME ON). Then we wait FOREVER for our check. The guys finally go up to the hostess stand and tell her that they want their check and they want my food taken off the bill or they're leaving now without paying for anything. The lady goes off that they have to pay for everything and the guys refuse, saying that I didn't get my food til they were all done and we had to keep asking for it; there was a bone in it when I finally got it; the server left and they didn't have anyone taking care of us; AND we even had to hunt them down for the check.

She's still arguing with them that they have to pay so they ask for a manager. Magically she then says she'll take off my meal. ARGH! We were all so mad... we just wanted a nice lunch and ended up being there for such a long time, wasting precious time on their last day. Needless to say we will never go back there again.

EDIT: Ok... I edited this for better readabilty (? is that a word? lol) and to make everyone happy. =) Fixed the capitalization and paragraphs. So disregard some of the comments below.
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