Mel (selunca) wrote in bad_service,

I feel so bad.

I feel so bad right now.

I work as a casheir at a local grocery store, and I love talking to customers.

So this gentlemen came in, and I started my useual banter about the weather, how nice our new store looks, etc. He just stayed absolutely silent. At first I thought he was just being a dick (I have a lot of customers who answer "Hey! How are you today?" with "Credit"..kinda annoying)

But I kept talking too him, and then I told him to have a nice day...

He signed "Goodnight" to me. OMG. So I signed "Have a good day!" back to him, but felt so horrible.

Did I give this guy bad service? Should I have shut up if I had known he was deft/mute? I feel so bad that I kept talking and then thought ill of him for .5 seconds when he didn't respond.

*goes back to feeling guilty as hell*
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