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This one pissed off even my brother

My brother is a waiter and he will 99% of the time tip the holy mother of hell out of any waitstaff, even if the service is not great. Sometimes the service has even been below average and he will still give 50% or something. (Which, I like about him)
We had a waitress that actually pissed him off enough so that we left only 3 dollars on a 32 dollar bill...which is SHOCKING for him. Nothing really horrific, just...a bunch of little things

Its an excellent Italian place so I went twice in three days (and ordered the same thing-Im predictable!) Same waitress twice. The first night, my friend has a lot of health problems and cannot eat certain things. She ordered something and then a second later saw that it was something she could not eat. I ran over to change the order (and note, this is literally 30 seconds later and she was JUST stepping into the kitchen to place our orders) and asked extremely politely if we could change part of our order-heavy on the pleases and thank yous because I know thats probably annoying. She acted like it was the end of the world-heavy eyerolling, sighing, looking at me like Im asking something crazy. I didnt think it was THAT big of a deal because she had literally JUST told the chefs the orders-the food had not started cooking yet (its a TINY restaurant and you can see in the back)
So fine...after our meals come she comes by and asks if we need anything else. We say no thanks and go back to talking/eating. She is still standing there and says "Well...are you SURE?" with the little high school* attitude tone. We were like....uh...yes. Mildly annoying, but nothing else about the service was overly bad, so I left her an 18% (would have been over 20 if she didnt cop an attitude twice)

Next night-we sit outside and she walks out staring at us. We stare at her. Finally she asks for our order. This happens twice more. Waitstaff-dont you SAY something when you approach a table, not stare blankly?! Customers are no more psychic than you!
Then by the time our salads came we were all on empty with drinks and had been for a good 5 minutes. She looks at our drinks, looks at us and asks in a completely serious tone "Will you guys be needing more drinks?"** No, dumbass. We are just going to eat ice for the remainder of our meal (remember, our main courses hadnt even arrived yet!). The main courses come and she disappears. No more refills. We wait and wait and wait. Its important to note that at this time we are the ONLY table at the restaurant and its a small restaurant. We see her dicking around by the register and looking bored by the dessert thing...but she never comes near us again. So I tell the story of the first night which makes my brother even angrier. So finally we send him to hunt her down so that we can leave. He pays the bill and asks for a doggie bag. She leaves and comes back out and doesnt have one. She looks like she forgot so he asks her again. She rolls her eyes, cops the angry attitude again and says with a huge sigh "one or what??"
Wtf? This was the final straw for my brother.
Less than 10% for you :p (Which is the closest my brother will ever come to leaving nothing)
Im trying to figure out if she served us worse because of the first night with me-but I tipped her plenty and was nothing but polite to her...unless she is STILL holding the whole oopsie with the food ordering against me. Seriously, it just seemed like she was tired and didnt feel like working...so didnt o-O

* No offense to high schoolers. Some high school aged people are more mature than some grad students I know. I just mean that stereotypical rolly eyes oh my gawd type tone
**Yes, it is a free refills place

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