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Are you fucking kidding me?

This morning, I went to Starbucks on my first break since I just started a month-long temp assignment after being unemployed for two months and wanted to celebrate a bit. I discover that they have the eggnog latte available, which I really like. I go up to the counter to order and the barista just kind of stares at me for a minute before saying "...what can I get you?"

I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm a big girl. I'm a 5'10", big-boned fatass. Not Jerry-Springer-cut-open-the-side-of-the-house-and-use-a-forklift-to-get-me-out-morbidly-obese-freakshow fatass, but I am overweight.

After that cheery greeting, I order a grande eggnog latte. He stares at me and asks "...you want a grande eggnog latte?". "Yes. A grande eggnog latte." "well...the eggnog we normally use is really...rich. Would you like the non-fat eggnog?" "Um, no. I like it rich like that." "Are you sure?" "...yes." The barista sighs, puts the order into the register, runs my debit card, and sets off to make my drink. At that point I figure he's having a bad day and do a mental whatever.

A minute or so later, the barista calls out my latte. I go up to get it and find that it's a tall. "I'm sorry, I ordered a grande." I show the barista my receipt indicating that it's grande. "...are you sure you need a grande?" "Uh, that's what I ordered and that's what I'd like." Cue dramatic sighing. I wait at the counter while he's making the drink this time. Another male barista comes out from the back and starts to clean up the prep area. The barista preparing my drink walks over to him, rolls his eyes towards me and says, loudly enough for me to hear, "like she needs a grande eggnog latte."

Oh no he didn't!

I straighten up and glare. "Hey. You. Your manager? Get them. RIGHT NOW."

He deliberately turns his back to me and starts cleaning the counter. His coworker, who looked embarassed, says "hang on" and walks into the back, returning a minute later with a late twentysomething female manager who, incidentally, is rather chunky herself. She asks what the problem was and I explain the whole situation to her. She gets upset and turning to the rude barista, barks at him to clock out now and get his ass into the back office and wait for her. She turns back to me and apologizes profusely. "I will not tolerate BS like that in my store. Rest assured that I WILL take care of this so it never happens again and I will bring this up with the district manager. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior from one of my employees and he had no place to say ANYTHING like that." She apologizes again, refunds my purchase, makes me a fresh grande eggnog latte and gives me a handful of free drink coupons.

I'm pleased with the way the manager handled the situation, but really, what the fuck? It shouldn't matter if I'm a 90 pound waif getting a cup of tea or a 450 pound lardass getting six giant frappuccinos with triple whipped cream - I'm a paying customer, keep your smartass comments to yourself, at least until I'm out of the store!
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