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While driving from Washington D.C. wedding back to my home state of N.Y. we made alot of stops at rest areas - about 99% of them had Starbucks. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love their vanilla cremes and I must have stopped at Starbucks around 6 times in two days.
I think we were in Maryland and we had to stop for gas. I saw a sign for a Starbucks, so of course I had to jet over there. My brother ordered a grande vanilla creme and got it with no problem. Then my fiance and I placed our order - I ordered a tall vanilla creme and he ordered a tall cappuchino. He asked that it only be filled 3/4 of the way, so he would have room to add all of his extras. I got my drink with no problem. A few minutes later, he was handed his drink. Now, I was turned away talking to my brother. Apparently my fiance opened it up and it was only filled a quarter of the way, the next two quarters were just foam. My brother and I started to walk outside because it was very crowded and hot in there. When we got outside my fiance tried it and said it was nothing like a cappuchino, it was definitely something else. He was just going to throw it out but since I paid nearly $4 for that goddamn thing, my brother took it back inside with my reciept and ask if it could be fixed. The employee making the drinks said that she couldn't do anything about it, so my brother asked to speak to a supervisor. He told the supervisor that there was barely anything it and it seemed to be the wrong drink. He asked if it could either just be fixed or if he could just change it for another vanilla creme since there seemed to be no problem making those. The supervisor absolutely refused to do anything about it.

So, we get the wrong drink, and not even the whole thing, just a quarter of cup, and they refused to fix it. Assholes.

I'm wondering if I should write to Starbucks and complain, maybe I'll get some coupons to make up for it something....
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