This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

gee a great end to my crappy day.

Have you ever had one of those days where it just sucks and no matter what you try to do to make it better it's just not your day? I had one of those last week and a friend of mine was having one as well so we decided to go out and get come comfort food at a place near where we live that is kind of like a Denny's but it's not a chain.
When we got there a waitress come over and just dropped menus down on the table and walked away. She didn't hand them to us or introduce herself just plop and walk. We looked around and noticed it wasn't that busy but thought maybe she was the only one here so we decided to cut her some slack. We opened our menus and started looking over the drinks to decide what we wanted and had our stuff picked out in about two minutes but when the waitress still hadn't come over ten minutes later we decided we would decide what we wanted for dinner as well so we could just give her our entire order at once so she wouldn't have to come back. After another ten minutes pass we noticed that there were another at least two waitresses on the floor so we tried to flag someone down to take our order. When our waitress showed up five minutes later she just took out drink orders and didn't wait for our dinner orders and left. Our drinks showed up five minutes later and she took off again. She came back 10 minutes later and took our food order. Sitting there starving we figured we had been waiting about half an hour and all we had to show for it was two very watered down pepsi's. another twenty minutes or so rolls by and our food shoes up cold chewy and gummy like it had been waiting a while. We took about three bites each and decided it was nasty and we just wanted our check so we could go somewhere else. We waited about another fifteen minutes and and she actually came over to check on us and we asked her if we could get another order and she said we could but we would be charged for it we didn't want to pay extra for more crappy food so we just asked for the check. The check however only took about two minutes to get to us and she said that she would be our cashier when we were ready to pay. We went right up to pay and she looked at our table and saw that we hadn't left a tip so she asked up how much we wanted to leave on my debit card. I told her we were less than pleased with her service attitude promptness and the quality of the food and drinks and that we weren't leaving one. (I did feel bad because I have never not left a tip before but this was without a doubt the WORST service ever). Then as she runs my card through she tells me that she hates working here because cheap college students like us are the only people that come through. I asked her what she had said and she replied louder this time so that people turned around that we were selfish brats and that she wasn't going to be out some money because we're cheap and she didn't appreciate us coming in.
Ok fine we'll help her out by not coming back.
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