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My partner and I were in DC over the weekend, attending a gay bear social gathering. For the most part things went very well. Then I decided to go bar hopping with a couple of friends. We had a lot of fun at the first couple of the destinations, (the event planners provided free shuttle service from bar to bar to hotel), and then decided to head to the DC Eagle. I had never been there before, but wanted to go and see what it was like. That was where we encountered on of the rudest bartenders I have ever come across. My buddy and I placed our drink orders at the end of the bar. My cost was $4.50, so I did what I usually do and gave him a five, and told him to keep the change. His response was to shove the quarters across the bar and tell me to "keep the f*****g change" myself. I was quite taken aback, but held my tongue and moved out to the deck area with my buddies. We drank and chatted for a bit and were ready to order another round, so one of my friends, who was with me when it happened, was nice and offered to get a drink for me. He goes back inside to the bar, places the order, and when the same bartender hears my order, refuses to serve my friend! So he went to the other bartender on duty, got the drink order, left a $5.00 tip, and complained about his working colleague. The response? "I don't want to get into HIS drama". WTF? So we got outta dodge and reported this to the event planners. I plan on contacting the owners and letting them know how their staff treats customers too.
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