James Lock (wordcandlemage) wrote in bad_service,
James Lock

Manager called

This morning I had to stop on the way to work and pick up a couple of items. The only place to go was a certain store whose name begins with Wal and ends with Mart. Not my first choice, but as they're open 24 hours a day they were pretty much the only option I had so early in the day.

I went about the store getting the items I needed. None of them were in the same department, of course, because that would have been too easy. At last I get everything and go to the register.

The cashier picks up her phone and calls for a manager. I honestly did not think this had anything to do with me. I was wrong.

When the manager arrives, the cashier points to me and says "This man is trying to steal a shirt!" I was so surprised I didn't know what to say.

The manager pulls me aside and asks me if I really thought I could just walk out of the store without paying for the shirt. I am still completely confused.

Then it hits me.

I was wearing a shirt I had bought at that very store. I explained this to the manager who claimed that that made no sense and I was trying to get out of going to jail for shoplifting. I tried repeatedly to explain to him that I had bought the shirt months ago. He still wouldn't believe me.

At last I thought of something to convince him. I pulled the shirt out of my pants and showed him where the hem had come undone and was worn ragged. I asked if his store always sold damaged merchandise or if it was possible that I had bought the shirt and worn it over the past months.

He finally let me go on my way, but actually told me that I should never again wear into the store something that I had bought there. I'm glad he didn't want me to return the items I had gotten there. The only thing I was wearing that didn't come from that store was my glasses.

I just thought this was one of the stupidest things I've run into lately.
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