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Less bad and more annoying, but all the same.

Yesterday at Wal Mart, I'm standing in line behind this lady who is trying to pay with a check. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the cash register isn't trying the check. We know this because the cashier tried running it upwards of twenty times.

Eventually it did work, but throughout the ordeal the woman trying to pay REPEATEDLY offered to just pay with her credit card since she didn't want to hold up the line any more than it already was. But no, the cashier was like... completely locked on that task of repeatedly trying to shove it into the check thingit on the register. Over and over. Ignoring all pleas to stop.

But eventually it works, and the lady goes leaves after apologizing to my mother and I for holding the line up. Mom goes through the line, then I come up.

My debit card doesn't scan, which prompts me to remember that... yeah, at some places that have outdated scanning things, it won't scan because it's a little worn down. The card pad things at the front of the Wal Mart will take the card, but we were in the Garden Center, where they have outdated scanning things. So it didn't scan. I tried a couple more times, and the lady took my card from me to scan it in her keyboard, which is even more outdated than the card pad. At this point I ask her if she can't just type in the numbers, since that's what they do everywhere else it doesn't work, but she just continues to try to scan it. She even tries scanning it the wrong way, flipping it around and scanning it, etc.

In the meantime, my mother starts insisting that the woman just use her credit card (I didn't have any cash on me) to pay with it, but no. Once again the woman is locked in this task. She comes around to my side of the register to try scanning it in the card pad, but again, it continues to just give the Card Read Error thing.

One of her coworkers comes up and does that thing where they put it in a plastic bag and try scanning it, which I've never seen work for anyone, and it proceeds not to work for her. She states that this is 'very bad', and I reply that it scans at places with newer scanning stuff.

Anyway, cue a few more tries to swipe it, and then the woman LICKS HER THUMB AND RUBS IT AGAINST MY CARD.


I stand there in horror, unable to say anything, and even more angry because this didn't help at all and only served to show me how absolutely disgusting some people can be.

Eventually they listen to my mother's insisting to just use her card and be done with it, and we escape. This seriously went on for about ten minutes.

Edit: After typing all this up I decided it really probably would be a good idea to call the store and bring it up - the manager I talked to agreed that the spitting thing was extremely disgusting and will be talking to her. D:
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