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Dear lady, more information!

I'm a military dependent (wife of a man in the military). We recently got stationed in Japan, Misawa. Nice place, like the locals, awe inspiring mountains.

Because the Japanese government makes it dang near impossible to get jobs off base (lots of red tape) people who are stationed here are pretty much left with the base to get jobs. There's plenty of jobs avaliable because there are resturants and stores on base.

At this base, all the job applications can be done in one place. I don't know the official name for it (something squadron I think), but I call it the "employment office". It's really more like a hall way than an office though.

You walk in and you see what looks like a hall way. To the left is a small table with three chairs. In the wall is a large "window" shaped whole. Behind this is an office, sectioned off in cubicles. People searching for jobs go to the window and someone in the office "takes your order" so to speak. (Sorta like a big drive threw window in a hall way.)

The first time I went there, I was greeted promply by a women with curly black hair. She didn't seem too thrilled with me being there, but wasn't rude. I told her I was looking for a job (duh). She gives me two binders to look through.

These two binders are for different types of jobs, one seemed to be for more permanent jobs that require some type of experiance or education, the other was for jobs with no experiance that didn't require any long term commitments. She didn't bother to tell me this, I only found out because our sponser's wife (guy who helps knew people to the base) had used the employment office to find her job.

So I write down a couple of different jobs I'd like to apply for on my note pad. Then I go to the front desk and ask for some application forms. She grabs a piece of paper and gives it to me and says "You only get one, you have to make your own copies of the others." Alright, well, it would have been nice to know that waaay in advance. (Because I hadn't even gotten my house yet, much less my scanner/printer. I'd need to go find a place to copy these.)

I take my pitiful piece of paper and go to our hotel room. Shortly after we move into our new house. I end up losing my paper, so I need to go back.

Once again, same lady, same speel, same reaction. There are different jobs now and  some of the ones I wanted are gone. That's alright, I'm cool with that. I find a single job I would like to try for (I figure I fill it out, and come back a week later to get a new application form to copy. That way I have at least one job application going through), and go up to the front desk.

It doesn't take me long to realize there's no one there. I wait.. and wait... and still no one comes. I look at the other front desk (the one straight across, which I believe is used for other purposes) and notice a bell. Ah! I had forgotten that they normally have a bell or something like that so I start looking. Nothing. I keep waiting.

I notice there's a guy in his BDUs visiting someone who works in the office (this office  was far enough away that I couldn't flag down the person in it). I stare at him. Not meanly, not pleadingly, just stared. I've got nothing better to do until someone walks near me so I can flag them down. He must have felt sorry for me (and maybe weirded out that I was staring so blatantly), because I think he told someone out of my range of vision I was there and no one was helping me.

Shortly after he leaves a women with short blond hair walks over, a new face. She puts the bell--there was a bell!--in front of me. I get the impression that maybe it was suppose to be there to begin with and the women before her had left without bothering to put it up.

She asks if I've gotten a job here before. I told her no, I'd only been here a month or so. She smiled at me, and started explaining how I needed my passport, what information I needed to give, and then she gave me four pieces of paper to fill out.

Why did the other women not even bother to ask? New people are coming in and out all the time here. You can't ever assume someone has already filled out the paper work they need to, or that they'd even KNOW to ask for that paperwork. If she had even mention in passing that I need my passport I could have already gotten my application in the system. Now I have to visit them AGAIN and hope that this time I actually have everything I need.

This is my first time applying for a job. My first time even trying to GET a job. (Oh yeah, I'm spoiled, I know.) Who knew just trying to fill out the application form would be so complicated and take so long? ~_~

Note: I feel a bit validated in my opinion about the curily haired women. A friend of mine who's been here longer than me informed me that this women is totally unhelpful with everyone, no matter how long you've been there. I guess it's cause she's leaving soon, and figures that the worst management can do is fire her, and who cares about getting fired when you're gonna leave soon. :-/

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