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Bad site host

I should start by saying I blog on many sites (xanga, myspace, LJ, OD). I started with an OpenDiary four years ago and I finally caved in and paid for a subscription. I've been loyal through a great many of problems in the past and I decided he had shaped up enough to earn my cash.

A week after I bought a subscription, the site started going down. There were unscheduled outages and they always occur on weekends. For a while we were able to sneak in via the IP address, but even that has failed the last two weekends.

When the site goes down, there is no way to report the problem. All you can do when the site is up is submit it via the help menu or leave a note on the Diary Master's page. He never acknowledges you've noted him. After one too many outages, I had enough. I googled the bastard. Bruce Ableson is his name. I found his e-mail address and contacted him twice. No replies ever.

About two years ago he was MIA like this for a while. He then set up a site to monitor activity and it was to alert him if there was ever a problem. Apparently that annoyed him so he disabled it recently.

My problem is this: I pay the guy via credit card and he can't even acknowledge that the site will or will not be down. I can't cancel on this till March so I am paid up. After March, it's over. The man doesn't like people contacting him so much that you can't even type his last name in or it will delete it. If I'm in a business contract with him, don't I have a right to his info or at least that of his company?

On his site he once said that we will get credited for days lost due to outages. I've attempted contacting him but again, no acknowledgement let alone a reply. So I checked the BBB for him and sure enough, 8 complaints against him (I also note that his classification is Encyclopedia & Book Sales by Internet while LJ's is Internet Web Design, but LJ isn't free of complaints either so I don't know who to trust):

Complaints Concerned
Sales Issues: 1
Outcome of the complaint -
Company did not respond: 1

Delivery Issues: 1
Outcome of the complaint -
Company did not respond: 1

Customer Service Issues: 5
Outcome of all complaints -
Company did not respond: 5

Credit or Billing Issues: 1
Outcome of the complaint -
Company did not respond: 1

Since I have used other blogging sites, I'm well aware that their customer service far exceeds ODs. The DiaryMaster once commented on our diaries and chatted with us. He is now MIA. Is there anything I can do at this point or has this guy just royally screwed me?
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