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Terrible server

What's with people in here deleting other people's comments lately? Lame. Why bother posting your shit if you're going to disable/delete comments? Imbeciles.

Anyway, my fiance and I were at a restaurant the other day and we had the SHITTIEST waitress I've ever seen. Her name tag to my surprise said her name as well as "I've been employed here for 27 years". Well, not only does that make me feel sorry for her that she's been waitressing THAT long, but it would make you think that "Hey, if she's been working here THAT long you'd think she'd know how to do her job and do it well!". Of course not! So, onto the story..

We're seated and told that a server will be right over to take our orders. Okay, fair enough. We sit down and start talking. A few minutes goes by and our server still has not come over to take our drink orders. Alright, we're patient so we continue talking and wait a little longer. Sure enough, 10 minutes goes by... 15 minutes goes by... I turn around and look around the restaurant which is NOT busy at all. There's about 2-3 other tables with customers but that is about it. I get up and walk to the front where a cashier is standing by the counter looking bored. I say: "Hi, we were seated about 15 minutes or so ago and our server still has not come out to take our drink orders." The girl looks at me and apologizes and says she'll send someone out right away. She disappears into the back.

I sit back down and inform my fiance that the server should be coming out in a minute. Our server FINALLY comes out. She doesn't introduce herself, takes out her pad and pen and looks at us with a questioning face as if "Come on, I don't have all day here!". She doesn't say ONE WORD at ALL to us.

Me: Is there a problem ma'am?

Her: No. Tell me what you want already.

Me: Uh, okay then.. I'll have the grilled chicken salad with light Italian dressing on the side and a bowl of clam chowder.
I'd also like a glass of water with lemon please.

Her: *glares at my fiance waiting for his order*

Him: I'll have a plain hamburger with fries and a root beer please.

Her: *walks off*

Me: Wow.. What was that all about??

Him: I have no idea.. I think we should talk to a manager though.

Me: Good idea.

We keep talking and waiting for our food. We wait and wait and wait and she doesn't even come back with our drinks UNTIL she comes out with our food THIRTY-EIGHT minutes later. We didn't get up to talk to a manager right away because we wanted to wait and see how the rest of the service would be. I'm an extremely patient woman and I try to give everyone a chance to make a shitty situation better. Unfortunately I wish I weren't so patient this time around..

She comes back and slams everything down on the table and walks off again before I have a chance to tell her what a shitty waitress she is. To top it off, our food was COLD. Like it had been sitting out for an hour. My fiance's hamburger was still FROZEN in the middle. My soup was cold. My salad had MOLDY CHEESE ON IT. We're talking worst food EVER. Then I look more closely at my glass of water and there's something unidentifiable floating around in there. At this point I'm tired of being patient as I normally am.

Me: Okay, screw this. I'm going to get the manager right now. This is bullshit.

I walk over to the front where the first girl was standing. I tell her politely and quietly that me and my fiance are having a bit of trouble with our waitress and that I would like to speak with a manager as soon as possible. She nods and whispers "Marla is not going to be here much longer. She's been treating customers very poorly lately". She then goes off to the back to get the manager. I walk back to my table and wait. Finally a manager comes out and we tell him about the waitress' attitude and the awful food, waiting for extended amounts of time despite the non-busy restaurant, etc.

Manager: Well, she's been flaking out on us lately and doing her job really terribly. I apologize for her behavior. There's no excuse for that whatsover. Your meals will be free and I will bring out some fresh ones if you'd like. I can have them done in less than 10 minutes.

Me: Thank you very much. I appreciate your offer but we have to get going because I'm going to be late for my 1:00 class.

Manager: That's understandable. What I will do then is give you some vouchers to use at your own convenience. Don't worry about paying for anything. As far as your server goes, I think this was the last straw for her. She'll be gone by the end of the day for good.

Fiance: Thank you sir.

Me: Yeah, thanks a lot. We really appreciate this.

The manager walks off and we get up to leave. As we're walking out we hear the manager screaming his head off at the waitress who then bursts out of the back right past us and out the door. She zooms off in her car. I'm assuming she was either fired or quit. Needless to say I'm sure she won't be working there again. Maybe now she can fix her attitude and find a career. Preferably something NOT working with human beings.

Shittiest server EVER. I've never ever received such disgusting service in my entire life. I was appauled. I'm thankful that the manager was kind and understanding. Even still, I cannot get over the shitty service before the manager came out. How terrible. I'm thankful I kept my cool.
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