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Ok. So, on Friday, October 28, I went to Best Buy and bought The Wizard of Oz 3-Disc Collector's Edition DVD, but my copy was defective in my DVD player. Unfortunately, I bought the last one that had been in stock. So for several days, I wondered if they'd get any more so I wouldn't be stuck with a defective DVD that cost me $32. The following Tuesday, I called to ask if they had any in stock. I asked TWICE, and TWICE, they said "Just bring it back with the reciept." I had called because the day before, my mom had called and they told her they were expecting some within the next few days. They gave all kinds of options to my mom when she talked to them. I had an uncle who was going out of town that day, so I figured I'd call and ask, and they gave me that cryptic response. I went with my uncle out of town (I don't drive.) and sure enough, they didn't have any. The lady I saw when I went into the store helped me way more than the dude on the phone.

I'm STILL mad about that. Don't give me some fucking cryptic response. Get off your lazy ass and check. I know it may be inconvenient to get up and walk a few yards to the DVD case, but it's a HELL of a lot more inconvenient for me to have to spend all damn day while my uncle has to run errands out of town so I can go to a store to exchange merchandise only to find the damn store doesn't have it. I guess this guy didn't understand the concept that not everyone who shops in your store lives within convenient distance from it.

More on this whole thing at goodservice because there were mostly good people dealing with me in this situation.

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