Jesi Rose (jesirose) wrote in bad_service,
Jesi Rose

I just don't like people anymore

Dear Impatient Moron,
The car in front of me AND my car both have the left blinker on...we're turning. Don't drive around us to steal the spot of the guy in front of me. Jackass. He almost hit you because you were too impatient to wait your turn. I hope you get stuck between someone writing a check with no ID in the express lane and a mom with three screaming teething babies.
no love,

The customer service rep was very nice to me when I needed to return this iPod Shuffle. She called you over on your little walkie talkie, and you said ok, and walked away. The iPods are locked up and you have the key, bright one. So you come back and ask me which one, and turn around and look away while I say "1 gig". You then asked "128?" and started to walk away.

If you're not going to pay attention, why ask. I called out "1 GIG" to you as you went off. You sell them, you should know that the shuffle only comes in 512 and 1 gig.

I told the customer service girl "I hope he gets the right one"...she replied "You can go after him if you want..."

(Sweetie, you're holding the walkie talkie in your hand, it's not my job. But okay...)

Then you returned with the 512, and act all huffy when I said "No, the 1 gig."

DON'T ASK if you're not going to LISTEN.
again, no love,

x-posted to customers_suck (for the idiot who had to park in front of the store), bad_service (for the deaf electronics manager) and irks_me (cause I'm annoyed).


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