ferretsmooch (ferretsmooch) wrote in bad_service,

Long hair and carrying trays.

My husband and I went to Olive Garden yesterday for lunch. This is something I have noticed in other places, but today it just was 'ugh'. We had just been seated and I was watching the servers rushing around. A waitress walked by carrying a tray of soups and salads up on her shoulder, as is common. Even though she had her hair in a ponytail, it was a frizzy bushy ponytail, and hair was in or very very near a bowl of soup on the tray.

I know I scared our waiter when I asked for a manager, before we had even gotten our drinks. I told him what I saw, and he was stunned, and said he would address it. I saw him talk to a few of the waitresses, but can only assume that was what he was talking to them about.

Never having worked in food service, is it taught or anything to watch what is next to your head on a tray of food you are carrying? I noticed all the girls had their hair pulled back, but some of it very loosely, and some pulled back, but leaving long strands hanging on the sides. Should I mention it to the manager if I see this again someplace?
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