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Sears is obviously trying to kill me with a heart attack.

Following up for the third time, from here.

So, between my mother-in-law and I, we managed to wrangle Sears for a Sunday delivery. (Today)

The dishwasher arrived perfectly on time. I was so happy.

I cut open the box, removed all the debris, opened the door...

And the dishwasher had water in it.

The new dishwasher already had water in it. Either Sears is refurbishing and selling new, or Kenmore is. At this point, neither is on my trustworthy list, so I can't tell you who.

In addition, the casters and the sink adaptor were missing from the unit.


The best part? Customer service at the Sears really doesn't care. They're so non-caring that it almost hurts. As I explained this, the woman in a bored tone simply asked "What do you want me to do, exchange it or order parts for it?"

We're going to Home Depot and Lowe's today to price their models.
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