samcore (samcore) wrote in bad_service,

gee thanks, comcast

i don't use comcast, but just recently (five minutes ago), i wrote an email to their abuse team regarding a death threat made in my journal. anyway, the point is, AFTER painstakingly composing my message and sending it, i get an automated reply.

which tells me how to submit abuse reports via email.

um. i kinda needed that before i sent the email. bit that i hated the most? here:

"If you fail to follow these guidelines your request may not be processed or a delay may occur."

but if i wasn't aware of that in the first place...then i'm getting penalised anyway?

*brain explodes*

i'm sorry if this seems trivial, but it bugged the heck out of me ^^; especially because i actually laboured on that stupid email in the first place, trying not to sound like an EB or just an unrealistic moron.

[i logged the anonymous ip address and did a "whois" database search which led me to believe that comcast is the person's ISP...the same database search site gave me the email address for reporting abuse to comcast, so i don't know how i could've known the guidelines before! just to clear it up.]

...OT but vaguely related, how do you guys deal with anonymous trolls? or do you just ignore them? i probably should've, but i'm procrastinating. exams coming up, you see.

- sam
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