Jesi Rose (jesirose) wrote in bad_service,
Jesi Rose

Dear SBC Fuckheads,
When my fiance called two weeks ago to set up DSL, he gave you the right address. A week later we got the order form, and it had the WRONG address. So he called you and fixed it. You were supposed to send us a modem and turn on service on Friday. Yesterday - NO MODEM. No Service. He hops on the neighbor's wireless and lo and behold, our address is:

0 _street name_ (note the lack of building or unit number), _city_, _state_. Yes, it actually said 0, as in ZERO. ZERO is the amount of love I have left for you.

First of all, 0 is not a valid address. It's 2000 - not 200, not 0, but 2000. Two fucking thousand.
Plus, we live in an apartment, they have these wonderful unit numbers which we've given you twice.

This is why we have no modem. SBC Yahoo! is the ONLY service provider we have EVER tried to use that does not have 24/7 support, and since we both work, it's really hard to get ahold of you. We finally get someone who says they can't update the address, we have to talk to sales, and Sales closes at 6 on Fridays. It's 6:15. Fuckers.

Yet when I call today, Saturday, Sales tells me they were open till 9 last night. *stab stab stab*

So my man sets up another modem since the service was supposed to be turned on - it wasn't, because of your fat fingers getting the address so inconceivably wrong. So still no internet. You won't fucking turn it on till the modem gets here. Fuck you.

I have talked to 6 CSRs who have given me all different stories about DSL and Cable TV.

Oh yes, we also have to use you fucking morons for our cable TV. Comcast has a line running through the complex, but we can't use it since you paid off the complex management to use only your fucking shitty services. We can't get your Dish TV service since we can't attach the dish to the property. Okay, so we're gonna put it on a fucking tripod on the 1 foot wide patio? No.

While most of your CSRs don't KNOW that you offer cable, you DO. My neighbors have it. I just want to watch some fucking TV. Turn on the fucking cable. Don't tell me you don't offer cable, because YOU DO.

When you finally acknowledge that no, I don't want a dish, I want cable, you transfer me to a business center which is fucking closed on the weekends.

You suck,
Your favorite DSL and Cable deficient Comcast Lover, on 2000 _street name_.

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