Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

I have to share a personal bad service moment that I caused. Oh, I was so embarrassed. (I suppose it could be cross posted to customers_suck as well, but good service is ignoring sucky customer and I failed there.)

I'm working the local Renaissance Festival right now. Last Sunday I was stationed at a ride that involves a 5 feet high platform near the jousting field. The only people that are supposed to standing on that platform are the people manning the ride and those waiting in line for it. Well, during the jousting if you don't get a seat in the bleachers (I know, so period) you are forced to stand. And if you don't get a good standing spot, you have a hard time seeing. While I was on break one of my coworkers allowed a woman with a disabled child to stand on the platform so he could see. She didn't think anything of it. Not two minutes later the people standing near there realized this and all packed up on the platform to see the joust. Not being built to hold that many people in addition to the fact that we could no longer keep track of who had paid to ride and who hadn't, she kicked them off, amid much grumbling. (Also, with all of those people on there it made it difficult for the parents standing around while their kids were riding to see their kids.) The woman that was let on there originally apologized profusely for causing such an incident. (We told her not to worry about it.)

When I got back from break I was informed that we couldn't allow people that had not paid or were not the parents of kids who had paid on the platform. No worries.

Last joust of the day and I'm sitting on the steps up to the platform taking money. An older woman and a child start to push through me with the older woman telling the boy that "they'll just step up here so he can see". I stop them and inform them that the platform is only for people who have paid for the ride. It's a bit strained since I had lost my voice that morning from a cold. She continues to push past me and tells me they just want to see the joust. I explain to them that I can't allow that because if I let her on, then everyone else will want up. She bats my hand away and says, "No they won't. You'll just tell them they can't."

Increduously I turn away and make some smart comment in the opposite direction about how stupid the woman is for thinking she's special.

A woman standing near the bottom who had been watching the joust but instead was watching the exchange gave me this look and asked what the woman had said. I told her and added my "she must think she's special" comment. The woman smiles slightly and says, "That's my mother for you."


I'm cured. No more speaking negatively about the customers to the other customers. No matter how bad they are. It's probably bad service when they don't know each other but it's REALLY bad service when they do.
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