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Gas companies

I had to post this one that happened to me a long time ago, because the recent post about a 1 1/2 year gas bill made me think of it.

Our electrical and gas companies, though separate bills, are run from the same main office up the road.

First, the electrical company: they said I had to pay an initial deposit of $90 that I would supposedly "get back" when I left town (I guess if I never move out of town, I never get it back. Some "deposit"). Then I was told it could be waived if my landlord filled out some form. Which he did. THREE TIMES. And every time they said they didn't get it. After the second time, we went to California for a while, thinking we had nothing to worry about, but when we got home - we had no power. They said they cut off the power because we didn't pay the $90, which should have been waived, and then they tried to charge us over $200 to reconnect it.


So we raised hell and our landlord raised hell and eventually we just went to the main office. We discovered we couldn't get in! They LOCK the doors. You can only get in if you have an appointment, and there's a little paging phone there that tells the people inside that you are outside. Then they buzz you in if they feel like it.

So I said, "if you won't let me in, can I make an appointment?"
Them: "No."
Me: Why not?
Them: we don't make appointments for customers.
Me: Can I talk to a manager?
Them: No.
Me: Why not?
Them (loud sigh): FINE, I'll patch you through.

After several months of this garbage I just paid the damn $90. We managed to get the manager to waive the $200 reconnect fee, at least. And the late charges on our bill for not having paid the $90.


OKAY! Now, the gas company! Yay!

About 6 months after we moved in, I got a gas bill that said my service had been terminated as of dd/mm/yyyy. The amount of the bill was also astronomical. I called them up.

Me: Hi, why is my gas bill so high and why does it say my service has been terminated?
Her: Because you told us to terminate it.
Me: uh, no. I really didn't.
Her: Wellllll, someone else has requested an account at your address.
(note that new people had just moved into the suite above us)
Me: Wellllll, I'm not moving anywhere, but new people just moved in above us?
Her: Is it the same address?
Me: Mostly, except we are at 5555A Anywhere Ave, and they are just 5555 Anywhere Ave. The gas meter clearly shows which one is A and which isn't.
Her: oooohhhhhhh......

Basically, the company had assumed that the addresses were identical despite the "A" designation on ours, and when the guy came to do the "final" meter reading, he read THE OTHER METER and we were charged accordingly. The problem was fixed, but still. Dumbasses.

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