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I can tell you're confused and aroused...

I am not quite sure where this belongs, but I think C sucked more than a little creepiness on the server's part.

The diners: C, A, R, and Me
The Server at Ryan's: S

Ryan's is a generic American food buffet, and it wasn't their best night that we went food wise. This was the first time I went and was told its usually much better. Eh.

S took our drinks, and got it mixed up. Wasn't really bad, just put them in front of the wrong people. That got fixed, but she didn't take the glasses away so the table was a bit crowded once we went off for food. Now, C is just stuffing his short skinny frame like he's just returned from the land of no food. The rest of us are eating slower, but we still get about three trips in before dessert. The plates were small and the selection was wide.

Everytime she comes back she makes comments if there's stuff we've turned aside, there's nothing on our plates, or we're talking and not eating. Now, I know its probably her job to get us to be timely about our meals and make sure we aren't just wasting space as its a busy night for them. But. After C has blitzed his food he starts complaining to us that he feels like he's going to up chuck. Binge/purge anyone? (No, he doesn't actually have an eating disorder). So he's sitting there with no food, resting. S comes over and makes a comment and we joke about how he's just resting.

So she starts rubbing his shoulders.

Personal bubble, NU!

We're all kinda stunned, but we cover it up and C goes wandering off to the bathroom to get away. S is all still smiles and doing her speil about us not having food or whatever, dinner resumes kinda. I'm surprised C didn't say something as he the ultimate in Entitlement Asshole with +25 to I have Rich Parents Card. We finish things up there and you can FEEL the awkward, but C and R are perfectly pleasant about leaving her a tip and telling her they enjoyed the service and all.

A few days later, and what do I hear?

Ch, a coworker of C and R's and a customer that same night, is now going to aid C in getting S fired. Even though they weren't served by the same people.

I can see where he might have a case, but... He didn't complain at the time. A week had passed. And he left her a 15%+ tip. Told her everything was great.
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