annan_ (annan_) wrote in bad_service,

It's a gas... uh.

OK, this is perhaps more of stupid_service than bad_service, but here goes:

I moved into my apartment two years ago. My landlord told me I had to set up accounts with the gas- and electricity provider. So I did, or so I thought I did: I set up an account for electricity with Fortum. However, I never did so for gas, because I assumed it was either paid for along with the electricity or with the rent. For one and a half years, I never recieved a bill for gas, nor did they shut my gas off. So I was more than a little suprised - and pissed - when I get a bill in my mail. From Fortum. For gas. For one and a half years. The bill was on SEK 1800, which is around $220, and it was to be paid within a month.

So I call Fortum to ask them what the hell is going on. Apparantly, Fortum had split into two companies, Fortum El and Fortum Gas, without telling anyone, mind you, so while I was wrong thinking I paid the gas on my electricity bill, it wasn't at all unlogical to think so. Anyway, they had recently began checking up accounts without contact info, this with help from landlords. And apparantly, they'd found me that way and sent me the bill.

I don't argue that I have to pay for my gas, but I do question the way they handled it. If the appartment had an account, why not send a LETTER to me asking to call them to give them my info? Why not do it earlier, before they have to send out the enormous bill from HELL? On top of this, I never got an explanatory letter. Just the bill.

So Fortum is not known to have good service, but anyway - sending a bill after one and a half years without a letter explaining why, that's just stupid.

When I called to talk to them about it, the nice man on the phone postponed the pay by-date on my bill, so I had three months in total to pay. Now I'm waiting for my next bill, hopefully it comes sooner than one and a half year from now.

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