Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

So we have Dish Network television. For over a year, one tv hasn't gotten any reception at all, and we decided it was due to wiring so it became the tv we only watch movies on. Now for the past several months, the other tv has been flickering off and on constantly, occasionally going dead for several days at a time. Now it's completely dead.

My father has decided to change the service we have, and was looking up the prices for other services. They refuse to tell him how much service will cost, they will simply tell him how much the gift package is for the first month. Note that they aren't even telling us how much the service for the first month will cost, just the gift package.

My father was just currently on the phone with Dish trying to cancel his service. He was told that before he is allowed to cancel, he must talk to tech support. He's currently being told that he should just buy a new receiver, and he keeps repeating that if he has to buy a new receiver it would be better to go to a different service and get a free receiver.

Anyone have a service they have had good luck with, or know the average bill rate for one tv with other services?

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