Tara (storyofherlife) wrote in bad_service,

Okay Telus? Yea, last straw.

A further update to my previous 2 posts regarding Telus..

Its 11pm right now. I called at 8:30 this morning because my internet was again, booting me every 10 minutes and my phone was STILL not working. The had told me the day before someone would be calling me regarding their "help team" and no one ever did.

So, they change the ticket date so that a tech would be coming out today. I said thats fine, I hope he can fix it and hung up. 3:30 rolls around. They just get here. He tests something outside, comes to my door, tells me that its not their fault but they are installing some little box outside so we can use the line still.

Well, I don't want that. Because now I can't test if its just the ONE jack on our house or if its the entire wiring. I ask him to return it to the way it was when he got here, he REFUSES, stating I have to PAY them to do any sort of work.

So lets get this straight. I have no phone, no internet, no dial tone and NO friggin directions on anything they just did.

And guess what??

They just left me high and dry.

He informed me if I didnt want him to do the work to go ahead and call some other company.

I called their customer service line who told me that they are issuing ANOTHER ticket to send out ANOTHER tech..well I'm not happy with that, because either way, they want to charge me. Even the girl on the phone agreed I should not have bene treated that way. Oh and a note to the tech, next time you want to tell your little ride along buddy Im arguing with you, you shouldn't do it RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW KTHX.

So I did it, I called Shaw. Who hooked up my internet 5 minutes ago, waived the installation fee and we got high speed extreme for a month free.

Fuck you Telus and all your stupid little minions.

Any advice on how to get out of my contract though????

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