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wow, i feel really bad I'm actually posting

Maybe it's that I had a really bad day at work. Maybe it's because NOTHING has been going right all day despite any sort of solutions.... attempted solutions really....

But either way, I haven't had service in a resturant this bad in a LONG time. And that's because I'm a server so I let a LOT of things slide because I don't want to become a customer that would make me cringe and imagine unhealthy visions of, well, stabbity death.

So, I in my brilliant and poor state since my paycheck was messed up, I decided that I really wanted a certain type of pancake found only at IHOP. So myself, my boyfriend and my friend go to IHOP. Hurrah. The waitress is nice, isn't upset that we take a while ordering because I am filling in the rest of the table about the suckage of the day because I HAD to get it out. So we order, and I couldn't decide, so I was just safe and ordered T-bone steak and eggs, with country griddle pancakes. See, I am very particular about all these things, because my tastes are stupid, but I figured I'd have leftovers for the next day. I got the steak medium rare (Because I can't stand anything above it, but normally rare is way too bloody), the eggs overeasy because dipping toast into egg yolk is yummy, and partially cooked egg yolk is nasty, and I asked for the pancakes to be very light because last time I got them they were burnt (and country griddle pancakes ONLY taste good light. I think it's the cream of wheat.)

So we wait and the food is pretty fast. Yay! My steak was beyond well done, my eggs were browned and crispy, and my pancakes were a dark dark brown. But I decided not to complain. I would make the best of it! I tried drowning the steak in steak sauce. Alas, even steak sauce could not save this steak! So I still vowed not to complain. I took a small bite of the eggs and promptly regretted it. Okay. No complaints. It's cool. The pancakes were good on the bottom, so I just scraped off the tops and ate the pancakes. Yayness. But alas, I was hungry. But in all honesty I didn't want to wait. That and we hadn't seen our waitress in about 30-40 minutes.

Well she finally showed up and even asked "Hey, is everything okay. I haven't been here in a while." I wasn't in a hurry, so it didn't irritate me. Then the waitress asked if my food was okay since i hardly touched it and I told her it was overdone, but it was okay.. but she insisted on taking it back. So I asked for it to-go, and instead of the eggs, could I have hashbrowns instead and I'd just pay the upcharge. She said okay. So we sat and waited. She did not take the plate back.

My boyfriend was picking at it because they gave him really really tiny french toast, and I kept telling him not to eat it. The waitress heard and told him "Oh, go ahead and eat it." I raised my eyebrow and she was like "No, it's okay.." and I smiled and said "Yeah, at our resturant we do that too. Because we're only going to throw it away, so thanks! I'm sorry for all this, but I've had a really rough day." She commented she had a rough night too, so I felt even worse for getting a remake on my food, but made sure I had enough money in my purse to leave her an extra nice tip. So she offers my boyfriend a to-go container, but he declines and just says he'll eat it. So he eats the steak, but not the eggs. (they were really icky...)

So she brings out the hashbrowns on a plate, and I, even more embarassed, assumed she meant the to-go containter for me, and I apologized and asked for one. "I'm sorry, I thought I asked for this to-go. So the steak will be out soon. Right?" She didn't say anything and brought back a container, asked if we needed any drinks, dropped the bill and then left. My boyfriend asked if I had reminded her how I wanted my steak, and I said I didn't, so when she came back, he asked her if the steak was ordered as medium rare, and she said she'd have to check in the computer because she didn't know. So she checked and said it was. So we waited some more. I finally looked at the bill and noticed the steak was still on there, but instead of just subbing like 75 extra cents or something, she had charged me $1.99 for the hashbrowns. No big deal. I was low on cash so I just dug into my purse and pulled out my laundry quarters and made sure I still had enough to give her $5. (the bill at the moment was $28 and change)

By this time 30 minutes had passed again and she hadn't come by. So I went to the bathroom and came out to the waitress telling my boyfriend "But she said she wanted hashbrowns instead!!" Immediately picking up on where this came from, I said "Instead of the eggs, right? I even paid extra..." And she said "Oh, I'm sorry!" I sighed because I was still irritated by the day's events and what I had to look forward to, so I told her "Oh, don't worry about it. Just take it off the check because I don't want to pay for what I'm not recieving." She looks at me and says "But it's already off the check."

Houston, we have a problem. I sigh and mentally smack myself, because now I FEEL like a sucky customer worthy of being posted about. I pick up the check and point to the $11.99 charge for t-bone and eggs. "It's right here."

"Uh, no. We didn't charge you twice ma'am." I look at her, raised eyebrow again, and ask "Okay.. what am I not getting here?" she points to my boyfriend and says "Well, that's HIS steak. I didn't charge you for a second one because I didn't think you wanted another."

Oh. No. She. Did. Not.

I know this won't end well. But she has turned around and left. I look towards the rest of the table and my boyfriend mutters quietly "This is why she shouldn't have told us it was okay. I KNEW I shouldn't have eaten it." I shook my head and told him it was okay. A manager appears, and I sigh with relief. Here we should have some resemblence of common sense surely! The waitress did say she was having a bad night, perhaps she just really -was- out of it!

Oh, no, this is BITCH manager. She first off has an attitude with us and is NASTY. I mean, her TONE is snappy, her face is already scowling. We know we aren't seeing that meal taken off. She asks if there was a problem, and I just explain my meal was overdone, but I said not to worry about it, but the waitress insisted on getting it redone, so I relented and asked for hashbrowns instead of eggs because they wouldn't travel well, but I would pay the extra.

"You CANT substitute hashbrowns for EGGS.." She snaps. "Yes, I was paying the extra..." I replied... I continue to tell her the problem, and she says "Well, nothing was returned. Therefore I cannot refund you anything." So we told her we understood that, we just wish the waitress didn't say it was okay, because then we wouldn't have waited for so long, and it would have been done with. The manager looked at us like we had just sprouted 4 heads each and asked us to reconfirm that the waitress did tell us it was okay, and we of course confirmed it. "well, I can't help you any.. And you're not getting another steak." She replied. So I put down $30 and left. My laundry quarters were safe and for once, I felt no guilt. I left the hashbrowns because it wasn't worth it. I didn't need them that bad, I'd get food somewhere else.

I'm not asking for anyone to kiss my ass, but the manager should have handled that quite differently. If I'm going to complain to get out of a free meal (and god rest my soul if I do, because when I wake up in the morning I'll probably throw myself out a window), it's NOT going to be at IHOP. And even if it is, I'll make sure I get the free meal, for me and the one my boyfriend ate too. I just couldn't imagine this situation happening where i work without the manager getting chewed out and a few angry calls and letters to corporate.

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