Stating the obvious (well_yeah) wrote in bad_service,
Stating the obvious

My parents and I went to a chinese buffet today.

After our second trip to the buffet, our server came by and gave us some fortune cookies and the check. Okay, we weren't done, but whatever. There was a sign up that said "Please take all you can eat, but eat all that you take!" When ever our server took away our plates, she kinda scowled at us because we had left some uneaten food. (We would have eaten it if it had any flavor at all! Blandest chinese food I've ever had.)

After we got some desert, my dad put out the money to pay, put a couple dollars on the table as a tip, and poured himself a cup of tea. As soon as the waitress saw that he had paid, she scurried over, took the plates, the check... and my dad's freshly poured, untouched cup of tea. Seriously, she took it away not three seconds after he poured it. So my dad calmly poured himself another cup, and took away a dollar from the (already small) tip pile.

Strangest resturant experience I've ever had. Like they resented our very presence.

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