Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote in bad_service,
Living To Dream

water, part 2

I just posted but Dad just told me a fun tale about the same water place that I just ranted on.

This happened in a span of 2 months or so, a year or so ago. Dad started thinking the driver didn't know any house but his when he got a water turn off notice.
Dad came home from work one day and found his water off, a tad peeved he called them having no past due bill anything. They where apologetic and said there was no water shut off for his house and someone would be out right away. He went back to work and came home -still- no water. He called and they said 'well we did come out but there was water running when it was turned on, and that can lead to a house flood, high bill, ect so we have to turn it off per policy.
What was the problem? The toilet had been flushed so the tank was filling back up. So Dad went though turned everything off, made sure no water was running and waited this time. Guy came out, FLEW to the valve turned it on and bolted back to his van.

Not a week or two later again no water, this time he stayed home at lunch called work said he was going to wait. After 3 hours he left to go back to work peeved, the water van was around the corner and the moment he went past it took off for the house. The guy was waiting for him to leave, he found that amusing.

The third time, he called and was pissed. All he said was “they turned my damn water off again” and the lady said “I’m sorry Mr. Brown, we’ll send someone out”

Did you catch that? He didn’t give a name, address, anything and she KNEW who he was.

After that the turn offs stopped. I don’t know if someone was fired or what stopped it Dad was just happy for it to be over (he was almost ready to call the new paper the next time if it happened)

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