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In reference to this post...

Sears fumbled.

They did not call me back last night.  I decided to be a "nice" person and not automatically file a complaint.  I called them again today at lunch.  After being transferred first to the heating and air department, and then to the refridgeration department, I finally made it to the dishwasher department.  Lovely.

They informed me today, with an air that I should be grateful for them doing so, that they'd emailed the story this morning.  So it took them more than 3 and a half days to send an email.  Peachy.  And that we have to go to the store to pick out the replacement.  WTF?  We want to same dishwasher.

But that's the "policy".

So, now, because we have a grossly defective dishwasher, we get to drive 40 minutes across town to tell them we want to same dishwasher.  And we have to go to that store, because it's the only one in the area that carries this type of dishwasher.

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