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......An update on my telus post yesterday...

An update on my telus post yesterday...

When I spoke to the CSR last night she assured me that my line had been tweaked to fix the interference problem and I wouldnt have anymore trouble with it.

Well I wake up this morning, I'm not even online 5 minutes and I'm kicked off again.

I call Telus, sit on hold for 25 minutes, fighting with the damn voice menu, getting transferred twice to the wrong department before I get transferred to some guy in ADSL Tech support.

I tell him and I quote "Same problem I had last night". He looks it up, seems a little taken aback and says "Well this isnt an internet problem". Uhhhhhhh-huh. Gee thanks, she couldnt have told me this last night? I wake up for work only to find out hey! No internet!

So, he transfers me to some girl in phone repairs who tells me that my ticket date has been changed and a repairs person should be coming out today. No time..just today. I might not even see him apparently, he may just come and magically fix it and then tell me as he's leaving. Oh, and I might also get charged for it. I tell her that someone was supposed to call me back when the line had been looked at by the test team and that NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. Oh well..maybe they havent looked at it yet, blahblah.

I Really dont give a flying shit if they are on strike to be honest, there's no excuse for customer service like this, if you can't train your CSR's to KNOW THE SAME DAMN THINGS, you SHOULDNT BE EMPLOYING THEM. I'm also sick of the ones who talk down to you for asking questions like "when will it be fixed" "how long will it take" and "how come it wasnt fixed last time I called". You wages are paid with MYYYYYYYYY Money, so kindly show me some bloody respect when I'm being perfectly civil with you.

I believe we will be pursuing getting out of our contract, cancelling our house phone and internet and just going with Shaw, I had a great tech guy who came out and installed our digital cable, he didnt even get mad when my cat attacked him for trying to take plastic from her. And they - THEY dont charge to come out and look at things.

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