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Maybe just dumb

I am not sure how much this is bad service as it is just dumb service but in any case…


I have a membership with Columbia House DVD club; have not had any real complaints until now. 


I pre-ordered a copy of Constantine on July 5, the payment came out of my account, and the order was processed on September 7.  I did not really think about it until a couple of days ago when I was placing another order and happen to check my account and noticed the order was still showing pending. 


Therefore, I click the contact us button sending them an e-mail asking why the order is still showing pending.  First I get an automated this might answer your question if not please reply e-mail from them.  All it said was please allow time for delivery, for the site to update… blah blah… not answering the question.  Therefore, I reply and tell them it did not help.


This morning I received a reply from an actual person, which is where things get bad/dumb.  Here is a part of the e-mail


  •  We apologize for the problems you have encountered
    with our online service.

    An order for the following was processed on  09/07/05.


  • Most shipments do arrive promptly but we ask that you
    allow four weeks for delivery, in case of a delay
    in the mail.  If you have not received it within this
    time frame, please contact us and we will take the
    appropriate action to resolve the matter.


Now, I do not think it should take a mathematician to figure out from September 7 to today is MORE THAN FOUR WEEKS.  In fact, it is twice that, which is why I contacted them in the first place.


How could someone send out an e-mail telling a customer to allow four weeks for delivery and to contact them if I have not received it when it has ALREADY been more than that?


I was not happy and having not had coffee sent a reply, which was probably ruder than was necessary.  Nevertheless, we will see where it goes.

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