teh_biter (teh_biter) wrote in bad_service,

Twice in one night.

My friends and I went to a local all night diner here. The waitress was just terrible. She was very slow. We told her we needed a minute to look at the menu when she finally came over to take our drink order. Then she took forever to get back to us (wich I realize might not have been her fault...but it probably was because the wings my friend had looked like they had been under the heat lamp for a bit). We all needed refills by the time she brought our order out. We had to ask her for refills three times. The third time she tried to tell us that refills weren't free...we told her we wanted them anyway (they were free). We all wanted desert but we didn't feel like waiting. I go up to pay the bill (and we didn't leave a tip) and she comes up behind the person ringing me up and sighs like she wants me to add a tip onto the bill beause there was nothing at the table.

Then we went to the local McDonalds that's open 24 hours cause we wanted some desert. The girl there tries to tell us that the ice cream machine needed to go into heating mode. My friend used to work at that McDonalds and told her that it doesn't go into heating mode untill 4:00am (it was 2:30). Then she got an additude and yelled at my friend.

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