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What damage deposit?

Cause it is long...

So we are suing our ex-landlord. Here in British Columbia, when you move out of a rental dwelling, the landlord has 15 days to return your damage deposit to you; minus any damage caused etc. If they are going to withhold a large sum or if the damage is disputed, they have to file a complaint with the Residential Tenancy Office. The tenant has to provide the landlord with a written forwarding address to receive the damage deposit. Simple right?

We moved out on September 25. We finished cleaning, etc on the 27th (We actually had until the 30th to be out, but we are nice). I turned the keys and written forwarding address in to the building manager and we went over the apartment. Everything was fine. She signed off on the Rental Unit Condition Report. She wrote on the form that we were getting the entire damage deposit back. I AGAIN wrote the forwarding address on that form.

October 21 - No damage deposit. Much longer than the 15 days allowed by law. I call the property management company. No one knows where our paperwork is, who has it, or why they haven't issued us our cheque. The man that I talked to said he guessed he could make some calls. I was pissed! I said that this was completely unacceptable and that he had until 3pm that day to resolve the issue. For kicks I went on the internet and found the Residential Tenancy Office (don't you just love Google?). I called them and the officer that I talked to said that I was eligible to submit an Application for Arbitration to recover double my money back plus filing costs ($50). YAY!! I phoned the property management comapany and left them a message that I was filing for Arbitration and that I would serve them with papers to that effect.

So today I gathered all of my evidence and sent the papers via registered mail. My hearing date is on December 13.

I am so angry at the property management company's arrogance. The money may not seem like a lot to them but it doesn't belong to them. It is OURS. And we really needed it. I am absolutely stunned at the way we were treated. This is a huge company, one would think that they would have their shit in order. We were the perfect tenants. Quiet, we caused no damage, cleaned that place spick and span when we moved out, and then this?


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