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Not my week for customer service, apparently.

My boyfriend's parents bought him a dishwasher for his birthday from Sears. They delivered it to our house last Friday. The delivery itself was great, they were exactly on time, they were polite, didn't break any crap in our house, etc and so forth.

So that night, we unbox it, hook it up, and...

Water floods out the bottom.

So we call customer service, we set up a "fix it" date, because they're assuming it's something small.

The guy comes out on Tuesday. We show him what's happening, and all he can say is "Wow". The dishwasher is leaking out of the intake, the output, AND the motor. Defective product he says. Call customer service, I'll enter it into the system, they can start the process to set up your delivery.

I called customer service. They said I'd be getting a call back that night from the correct department.

So we wait.

The next day, I call back. They tell me it's "really a 24 hour window", and I should hear back from them that day. Nothing. I call back that night. Oh, well it's "really a 48 hour window". I email customer service with my complaints. They give me a different customer service number to call.

I call them today.

The first woman leaves me on hold for 23 minutes. Literally. My phone has a timer on it. I finally hang up and call back. The next guy is apologetic. He tells me that "Lisa" is handling my claim, and that she was out yesterday. WTF? Why was I told to expect a call?

He says I should hear back from her tonight.

So, we've given them $400, and they've given us an excuse to buy more towels.

If I don't hear back, I am SO writing a BBB complaint.
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