becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,


i got a lovely new watch for my birthday. it's a sterling silver bracelet-style watch, so there are no removable links. to get it sized, i need to take it to a jeweler and have them size it.

i took it to a fancy jewelry store called "jared, the galleria of jewelers" because i wanted quality work done on my watch. i went in and was greeted, i showed the guy my watch and asked if i could get help getting it sized. he said, "oh. is that silver?" i said yes, to which he replied, "we don't really work with... silver, you can take it to that "fix a flat" place in the mall."

i think the store in the mall is actually called "fix a whiz" or something like that, and they're kind of like a generic "things remembered". i told him i brought it to jarrod to get quality work done on it, and i didn't know that "fix a whiz" would do good work. he replied, "i don't either, but we don't do silver here."

i thanked him and left. i mean, james avery is mostly silver, tiffany's sells a lot of silver, it's not like silver is crap. my last watch was stainless steel, i can't imagine the reaction i would have recived if i had brought a non-precious metal in! gasp!!!

anyway, it wasn't the worst ever, but it certainly turned me off to jared. i mean, even if they don't do silver, he could have told me so without the condescending attitude.
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