This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

stupid freaking visa

So About 2 years ago I had gotten a visa card with my bank. It's been great as far as building up my credit and allowing me to go ahead and get another card and my cell phone. Then I had the nerve to move about 3 months ago and all hell broke loose.
As soon as I knew my new address a few days before I had even moved actually I went to the post office to fill out my change of address slip and turn it in. The 4th rolled around and still no bill so I went to the office where I used to live and my bill was waiting for me there. I though ok that's not a catastrophe I will just fill out my change of address on the back check that I have moved and send it in. The next month the 5th rolls around and still no bill. I go over to where I used to live and lo and behold it's waiting for me there and the woman working there said she will not hold my mail for me any more and that I should already have this taken care of and she is just going to send back ot trash all the mail I get there in the future. Thats seems a little harsh but I understand so again I fill out the change of address form on the back of my bill and change it online and call the 800 number and inform them that I had moved.
The next month (3 since I have moved) rolls around and again no bill. I call my old place and the woman there said she had gotten it but sent it back. So I call the visa people and calmly ask them why I have changed my address on the back of a few bills and called and changed it on the internet but they were still unable to get me my bill. She said she wasn't aware of any changes an would mail out another one. I waited for my bill and the 15th passes which means my bill is now late. I call and pay for my bill over the phone and am charged a late fee and a fee for paying over the phone. The next month comes and goes with no bill. I again call and get the same response I snap at this point and tell the guy that this is complete and total bullshit and I refuse to pay for late fees and over the phone fees because their stupid asses can't seem to change an address on the computer. My cell phone people got it right on the first try. My other credit card people got it right on the first try. I didn't understand why they were having such difficulty with it. I went down to my bank and they refused to talk to me because it wasn't a "bank issue". I now have to pay for it online and pay a small fee through my bank to do so because I have lived here for almost 6 months and still don't get my bill.
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