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$1049 water bill saga...

continues. "i'm sorry miss sommerville, we've now sent out an investigator to your home and though he confirmed that you don't have a swimming pool, that there's no evidence of a flood and that your toilets aren't running, our meters are never ever wrong and so you're just going to have to pay the bill". ummmm...i have a better idea...i told the SR supervisor (the 4th one i've talked to in the last 2 weeks now) that this was getting "media worthy" being that they are saying that there's no evidence that 460m3 of water went through our home but i'm supposed to blame it on a mystery, pay it and hope it doesn't happen again. i think NOT. last stitch effort tomarow when i call the friggin' BIG BIG mucki-muck in the investigations department tomarow and demand justice.
...to be con'td

ps: thanks so much for all the support and ideas you guys!

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