*jenn* (xntricity) wrote in bad_service,

Intro post

Hi there, I'm Jenny, just wanted to introduce myself really quickly. It's been a while since I've gotten any memorably shitty service, but I like what I've been reading here.

Anyway, I guess the last shitty thing to happen to me was just Olive Garden service in general. My fiance and I enjoy going every once in a while to get the unlimited salad/pasta/soup special for lunch. I can tell the servers probably don't want to pay much attention to us because hey, $20 or so isn't going to get you much of a tip.

But the servers I've had didn't have to be total assholes about it or pretend their other customers who order $300 worth of food are any better than me. I've tipped everywhere from absolute zero to maybe $7 on a $18 tab. And I'm not a demanding customer, at all... I've been down the table-waiting road, and it was not pretty.

Even with the shitty service, I hope the other Olive Gardens I visit won't fail me. Fortunately there's about 4 more around me I can check out, maybe they have better management or something... if not, then shame, I LOVE the food.
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