Allison (sidekicknomore) wrote in bad_service,

Apple, Fuck you!

In august I gathered some cash and went to the local apply store and purchased a 60gig ipod. I got the 60 gig because I neede a portable hard drive for work and while I have only 40gigs of musich I thought 20 gigs for work would be awesome and fine. I was excited I'd been saving a while or it and was really happy. I'd been thinking abotu it for a while, its was a $400 purchase after all.

So I notice that the ipod skips.... and has the bad click of death. (working with hard drives and computers. I KNOW that sound) This was the first week of september. I decided to send it in to apple. they send a replacement, I'm happy. Until it starts behaving poorly. It will freeze in the middle of a song, freeze when I skip. Randomly gives sad ipod face. Will do the ipod face 10 times, i formate and its fine for 2 days. Then it gets worse, you format and put the music back on... no music. nothing there. Nice. This was early october. I sigh, thankfully I purchased the extended warrenty. I send it in again. I got it back yesterday but was to busy to set it up.

there was a nice note saying it was replaced. Too bad the WEBSITE said they were returning the original to me. Whatever.

I turn it on this morning and instantly I get sad ipod. Then have the screed fades. Then the side with image goes black. Now I can't power it on cant charge it... nothing. no reaction from the ipod at all. Great.

So I'm on the phone with apple. and the tech service does the same crap. and they transfer me to the customer personal. fine okay. They are polite and will ship me a box to send the ipod back.

My problem with this? WHY did they send me a broken or returned me my broken one?!oi~
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