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Hi, I'm new. :D Hopefully, this will be the only post I have to make here.

So, I had absolutely terrible service at California Pizza Kitchen today.

My boyfriend and I wanted to grab a quick lunch that was a bit nicer than fast food. There's a big CPK in the middle of the mall we were near, so we went there for lunch. I have been to the other CPK here, and I really liked it, so I was definitely okay with going.

We got seated, and the waiter appeared a while after we sat down. He didn't take so long as to be annoying, but he wasn't exactly hustling, either. He took our drink orders, and many minutes later (ten? however long it was, it was a long time), he brought us our drinks. Except he gave me diet Pepsi instead of Pepsi, which was a rather nasty shock to me as I HATE diet drinks. The aftertaste is just terrible. So, when he finally appeared about ten minutes later, I asked him for the correct drink. He didn't apologise or anything, just said "Okay" and left. Fifteen or twenty minutes pass. Note that at this point, we've been here half an hour and I haven't even gotten a proper drink yet.

Eventually, he takes our orders, still not giving me my Pepsi. After about another ten minutes, I reminded him, and he brought it out within the next ten. Our food, however, took forever (which may have been his fault or the kitchen's, I don't know). I ordered split pea soup (because I love it!), and got, instead, potato and leek soup. I asked the waiter if he had brought me the wrong soup, and he insisted it was split pea soup. Except split pea soup is definitely green, and this was definitely brown, with potatoes in it, and leeks on the top. Okay, fine, it tasted okay so I ate it.

Our waiter seemed to prefer the table next to us, and paid much more attention to them than to us. In the time it took us to get our orders taken, he had brought out the next table's food, refilled their drinks several times, taken down their dessert order, and brought out their dessert.

When he was clearing their table, he dropped a butter knife on me. It bounced off my back and hit the floor. He said, "Oops", and walked away. No apology, and he left it there. I'm pretty sure he noticed it, because it made a few very audible "clunks" as it hit my back, the chair, and then the floor. It was also, by the way, used.

I picked up the knife and set it on the table, very far away from me, along with the unwanted diet Pepsi. He refused to clear either of these items from the table for the entire meal. I made a point to shove our used dishes over next to the knife and glass, and he would clear the dishes, but not the knife and glass.

So, our food came out and he stuck it on our table impatiently, then hurried off before my boyfriend could ask for a refill. The waiter saw the glass, and didn't make any move to ask for a refill. Eventually, my boyfriend hunted him down and got a refill.

The only time he was ever nice to us was when he was asking us if we wanted dessert. By this time, however, we were both rather annoyed, and declined. I told my boyfriend he should leave a penny tip, which is pretty major coming from me as I am always a very good tipper - I usually start at 20, and go up for better service. But I seriously wanted to leave this guy a penny. My boyfriend, however, was more forgiving, and tipped him ten percent. But then, he hadn't had a knife dropped on him...
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