Amanda (failstoexist) wrote in bad_service,

I am more than a little angry with one particular ebay seller right now. I won't mention names because I have to see how this is resolved-if there ends up being a good reason, then this can be forgiven. but I doubt it.

I bought some lovely cashmere/silk blend yarn to make my mother a nice scarf for christmas or her birthday(in february)-whenever I get it done. they email me after a bit more than a week to ask what color my socks are. no, i didn't order cashmere socks, i ordered cashmere yarn, and i told them so. also asked when it would ship. they apologize and say it will ship later that day. That was October 8th.

A few days ago, I emailed them to ask if there was a tracking number for the package at all. because it had been almost 20 days since they SAID they were shipping, and nothing had yet happened. Thursday night, I requested their contact info from ebay. which sends them a message stating that I've done so. Haven't called them yet because I haven't had a spare moment.

This morning I get an email saying my package from them has shipped. This morning being October 29th. 21 days after they SAID that it would ship, and 30 days after the auction ended. To me, that's completely unacceptable.

I don't mind paying for the yarn, assuming that the correct item shows up in my mailbox. For indeed, it is something that I have purchased and I do NOT deserve it for free. What I am NOT happy about paying is the shipping cost. I think that for something that advertised it would arrive within 10 business days, getting it more than a month later is completely unacceptable, and I want my $5 back.

so does anyone have any advice for me? I have their phone number and can call them on Monday, but I want to be very prepared because I've never complained like this before.
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