Katrina Marie (katuna) wrote in bad_service,
Katrina Marie

If you want my money, tell me when you are open

I just purchased a new car. Yay for me.

I recieved a letter stating that I could make my payments over the phone. Awesome. I don't get home until 7:00 in the evenings and don't have the chance to make it to the dealership before it closes.

So, I call the number given to me. They are closed.

Now, my payments are due in accordance with my pay days. Which means, I get money from my job and give it to you. Simple concept really.

The problem lies in you not listing any hours in which your call center was open. Also, on your voicemail, please list the hours there so I know when to call back.

Having to pay late fees because you could not be bothered to list the hours you were open upsests me VERY much. It, in fact, makes me want to stab you and drive my new car over your body.

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