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I'm sorry I interrupted gossip time

I went to Kauffmans today to do a bit of shopping for an upcoming wedding. For those not familiar with Kauffmans it's like a sears or a J.P Penny's department store in the mall. The wedding has a theme of "Blue nights and silver stars" so most of the guests are dressing in either blue or silver. I have a slight seeing problem as I can't sometimes tell the difference between blue and green so I found a dress I liked and thought to ask the sales girl just so I didn't get home with a green dress and have to return it later. I saw two employees standing at one of the cash kiosks for help. One was on her cell phone talking to someone and turned her back to me with a big sigh as soon as she saw me and the other one actually rolled her eyes at me and said "Yeah? What do you need"

Taken aback, I explained that I have trouble seeing blue/green and asked if the dress I had was indeed blue. I was still being polite at this point. The girl on her cell phone turns around and says "If you can't tell then maybe you shouldn't be buying it"

So I said "Normally I wouldn't but it's for a theme wedding. Could you simply tell me the color please"

The girl on the cell phone scoffs and goes back to her phone conversation and the snaps "It's blue" and walks away from me.

I thanked them and went to find someone else to ring up my purchase when I hear the cell phone girl say "Duh...what a moron"

WTF? How difficult was it to say "Yes it's blue" or "No it's green"? Needless to say I complained to the cashier who ended up ringing up my dress and she got a manager who apologized and said he would take care of it. He offered me 10% off which I told him was very nice but not necessary. You know, I've worked in customer service over 15 years in everything from retail, to serving, to phone work and I've never been so offended. In what world is it OK to chat on a cell phone and make comments to someones back? I said I had trouble seeing colors...I didn't say I was deaf.
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