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Just venting.

There's a Subway restaurant just up the road from where I live, and I go there at least once a week as it's a relatively healthy way to get fast food when I can't be arsed cooking after a long day at work. Because I go there frequently, I collect the stamps that they give (one for a six-inch, two for a footlong) when you make a purchase that you can redeem for free subs when you have enough. Yesterday the teenage girl behind the counter (new, I assume, I've not seen her before) who'd been polite and friendly to me through the whole transaction forgot to give me a stamp after I paid, so I decided to ask for one.

"Could I grab a stamp, please?" I ask. She looks at me, utterly incredulous.

"Yeah, like you need more free food," she says.

Um, hello? In what universe is that an appropriate comment to make to a customer? That's not even an appropriate comment if you're not working. And while it wouldn't be any less rude if I were very fat, I'm an NZ size 14, which is a US 12, I believe. So yeah, I'm not going to be on the cover of Skinny Girls Weekly anytime soon, but I'm also not easily mistaken for the Goodyear blimp.

I didn't make a complaint, becaue "Your server implied that I'm fat!" just sounds lame and I know that I find it frustrating when people make complaints at my work but are evasive as to what was actually said, but I'm more than likely to run into her again. If there's a repeat performance I'll be asking to speak to a manager.

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