Snarky's Delight (deadcherries) wrote in bad_service,
Snarky's Delight

Triple A can die now.

I moved from AAA MidAtlantic to Texas last year, and AAA MidAtlantic said when it was time for renewal that it would transfer to AAA Texas. AAA Texas said that I had to cancel and re-apply with them to get AAA Texas benefits, and that my account was non-transferrable.
After 5 months in Texas I moved to California... I never did get it cancelled.

This time I asked AAA MidAtlantic to tell me how to cancel. I said that my number reads invalid and I would like to know how to cancel my account.

They tell me that my account has my (Now) california address on file and it will be transferred over to AAA Calif when renewal period comes up.

"I can't believe that. I was told the same thing when I moved to Texas that
my Mid Atlantic would tranfer over and it did not, and I was told to cancel
by Texas and re-ap.
I had asked how to cancel, and you didn't tell me how to cancel, and I've
been told this before- AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO CANCEL.
I was told it was set to transfer a year ago and one hand doesn't know what
the other hand is doing."

What a headache. I asked about cancelling and all they do it tell me I'm transferring. Maybe I don't have the $56 to spend right now( I don't), and I definately don't believe them after the last "transfer"... and I'm asking how to cancel, not transfer!

My response was in reply to this
"Subject: RE: AAA Mid-Atlantic Membership Contact Inquiry

We have your Anaheim address on file. Your membership has been set to
transfer to the Auto Club of Southern California upon the November 15th

AAA Mid-Atlantic
Membership Administration"

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