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Witnessed bad service

Ok, so this didn't happen to me, but it just pissed me off so bad.
Around 1:15, a Metro Mobility bus (a transportation service that works sort of like a cross between a taxi and a bus, usually older or disabled people use it) pulled up, and an old woman in a wheelchair with her cat got off, and was wheeled into the store by the driver. He wheeled her up to the area by the registers, set her cat down on the doggy bar, and bolted. I went over there to see what she needed, and found out she was looking for the grooming area, so I led her in there. She had an appointment for her cat for 3, and she said she'd wait in grooming until it was time. So..she sits in there and waits. Her cat is done by 3. Metro Mobility hasn't showed up yet, so one of the groomers wheels her back into grooming to wait. And wait. And wait. I go on my lunch break at about 4:30, and while i was eating, one of the groomers came in and told me that they had called Metro Mobility, and that the person she had talked to was very rude, saying "Her appointment [to be picked up] is at 5:25. We'll get her at 5:25." They pretty much refused to come pick her up any earlier. So this poor old lady, who was probably very tired and in pain from sitting in her wheelchair all day (her hands were crippled from arthritis, so I'm assuming she had it in other parts of her body too), is stuck in our store.
Metro Mobility didn't show up until 6:30. She was waiting in our store for over five hours.
I'm just amazed that Metro Mobility would do this. To start off with, their driver pretty much dumped her in our store, not even making sure she got to the right part. Then, they REFUSED to pick her up earlier than scheduled. I understand they might have been busy, but they could have tried to work out SOMETHING, instead of just flat out refusing. It just really infuriated me, plus the fact that there was really nothing we could do for her, besides keep her inside and talk to her.
Poor old woman. :( I hope I don't end up like that when I'm old, relying on people who could give less of a shit about me.
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