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Does the wait time for a drink from a soda machine have to take up one hour? No exaggeration.

I was at the Home Depot, and the have these "Snack Spots" which was a McDonalds. I was extremely thirsty, and there was absolutely no line just a family of 4 waiting for their order to be filled. So I order my Sprite and give him the money, all that junk. I walk-up to the pick-up window. There are about 2 people working there and the guy just starts slouching about doing absolutely NOTHING.A few minutes pass, I say nothing and continue waiting patiently. He was already half-way done with the family's order. And then he takes the cup puts it into this slot, and presses a button. I have never seen this machine before, but it fills up the drink itself. It took him a second to do that, and there it was, all ready. There were no refills so that's why he just didn't give me the cup itself, the soda machine was behind the counter.

There was my drink, luke-warm after 45 minutes, he finally finished a family's order, which was just a Happy Meal and some other combo meal. That's it. So then this security guard comes up, and asks for a cup of water. water is free, so there he is and he just ignores me standing there, and hands the guard his water, which took him around 20 seconds to fill. First, off wasn't I in line about an hour before him? So then, just nothing to do he slouches again, puts the lid on my drink and hands it to me. I say in a tone ready to strangle him , a meek "Thank You."

Why did I wait in line forever for just a medium-sized soft drink? I don't know. Maybe my dehydration got the best of me.

And if that wasn't all the security guy was teaching the younger brother of the familt Tae-Kwon-Doe to efficently beat up his older brother. If you ask me, the Home Depot has really got to start re-hiring.

Oh, and I'm new to this community. ^-^
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