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A "Few Minutes" My Arse!

So I got my groceries delivered by Peapod by Giant again.  Usually, I don't have a problem--I select the "delivery window" of time, and they show up sometime in the window.  I've had a few surly drivers, and a few who really pushed the time, but nothing really major.

Until tonight.

At 5:55, I get a phone call.  Driver will be there "a few minutes after six."  Mind you, I have class at 6:15, but I figured a 4pm-6pm window was ample time to get my groceries. 

Me:  Okay, but I have somewhere to be at 6:15, so I hope it won't be much later.
Voice On Phone:  Don't worry, ma'am, he'll be there in a few minutes.
6:10 passes.
6:15 passes.  Shit, I'm late.
Me:  *call again*  How much longer is it going to be?  You said just a few minutes and it's after 6:15.  *trying to be polite*
VOP:  (same guy)  Well...I'm showing 6:12...
Me:  *Thinking:  what fecking difference does it make, you're still LATE!*  Well, how much longer?
VOP:  He's six blocks from you, ma'am, he'll be just a few more minutes.
Me:  *siiiigh* Okay, thank you.  *hang up*
6:20 passes.
6:30 passes.
Me:  *where the FUCK is that driver?!*
6:40 passes.
Me:  *now incredibly late for class and incredibly pissed.*
Me:  *call again.*
Them:  *no answer*
Me:  *call again, now astronomically pissed*
Them:  *different guy*  Peapod.
Me:  Hello this is jocelyncs , and I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous.  (Trying so very hard not to be a sucky customer.)  What is taking so long?!  (I managed not to yell.)
VOP:  Uh, we're hearing that the driver is at your location.
Me:  *headdesk--they're supposed to call us when they arrive*  Well, nobody called to tell me.
VOP:  Well...he's at your location, ma'am.  You need to go down and get your groceries.
Me:  *I sure as hell better not be charged for this delivery*  Okay.  *storms downstairs*

I found the guy unloading his truck into the waiting arms of several other rather peeved-looking students.  I managed not to bark at him, though it took him almost twenty minutes to get my groceries (he tried to give me the WRONG BATCH at first!), and for me to get them upstairs and put the cold stuff away before class.

I was almost an hour late to class.  Peapod shall receive a VERY strongly-worded complaint.  I understand that sometimes traffic is bad or whatnot, but they had a 2 HOUR window to deliver the damn stuff! 

Edit: Just got off the phone with them. The woman was very nice and very apologetic, and is sending me two $5 off coupons for my next order. On one hand, this takes care of the delivery fee, on the other hand...I rather felt they could have done more than that, but I didn't want to be sucky. What do you think, should I have insisted on additional discounts, or was just offsetting tonight's delivery fee enough?


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