ripe and rosy (colorwhirl) wrote in bad_service,
ripe and rosy

And customer service figures into your business how?

So my roommate and I hit up an expensive deli for supper tonight. We go there a good bit, and normally enjoy the food. The service sucks, but we deal for the sake of the food.

Not any more.

The server made a mistake with my order. Ok, fine. He fixed it pretty quick. Not a big deal.
We didn't ask for anything special or unusual...not even refills. We were honestly good to go.

So we each pay. I give him $10.06 for an $8.56 bill, and she gives a credit card for hers.
He brings her bill back, and my change. I scoop up whatever change, drop a dollar and some for my half of the tip, and tuck the rest away. No, I didn't count it Yes, I assumed my server could count and got it right. The roommate and I were having a good conversation anyway so it didn't matter.

Five minutes later as we're finishing up our cookies, the server comes up to the table and demands I give him money back.
Excuse me?
Yes, he gave me $2.50 in change instead of $1.50 so he demands I give him a dollar back.
This left me pretty stunned and shocked...because, well, if the server or restaurant makes a mistake like that, they don't demand the customer make it right. It is, instead, the job of the restaurant or server to fix the problem or absorb it. They are the ones who made the mistake in the first place.

I thought it was really rude so I called the host over to have a word with him and explain what the server did.
The host told me he pretty much demanded that the server demand that money back from me!

It's time for me to take my business elsewhere. If I'm going to drop $6 for a sub-par grilled cheese, I better get something better than a server demanding a dollar back from me.

ETA: If he'd come back to my table, said "Hey, I'm really sorry, I made a mistake with your change and gave you $1 too much", I wouldn't have had a problem. It's the fact that he walked up to my table and demanded $1. ONE FUCKING DOLLAR. And a demand! Not a request! Not an apology! Not an "Oops, I messed up, can you help me cover my ass?"

I wasn't looking for a reward; I was looking for someone handling the situation in an adult manner instead of stomping around, demanding things from the people who pay their bills to begin with. If the host had even said, "Hey, I'm really sorry he was a jerk", that would have solved the problem. But no, they acted like I was in the wrong for being offended at the handling of the whole deal. If it had been handled reasonably to begin with, there wouldn't have been a single problem.
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